What is PHP? How to get started with PHP?


Are you looking forward to getting started your career in Web Development? Then you might have heard about PHP programming languages to get started from different industry people working in the same industry.

In 2020, JavaScript, React, Node, Angular is getting so much popularity. PHP is one of the most popular programming languages among web developers because of its learning curve.

PHP is easy to learn and acquire for any developer who is new in this field. Even you can start making small programs from day one. with the help of PHP, you can a basic website for a company to a complex website like e-commerce, social networking, video streaming to chatting websites.

For your information, I would like to tell you that website 80% of the worldwide website is made with the help of the PHP programming language. PHP shares the biggest market in the website development marketplace.

There are some big websites that were developed using PHP like Facebook, Quikr, Yahoo, Tumblr, WordPress, Mailchimp, PHP, Shopify, etc.

Things that you should know before learning PHP:

Before learning PHP, there are a few things that you must know. PHP is a backend scripting programming language. Here a few things which you need to learn to get started:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript (Basics)

These essential things that you need to learn. But I would say that these are easy to learn and you can get a comprehensive understanding within just one or two days. After doing a little bit of hands-on HTML, CSS & JavaScript, you are good to go with PHP.

And if you know about all these or if you have made any webpage or website then get started right now.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. It is a backend scripting programming language. With the help of PHP, you can perform any kind of database operations like create, read, delete, update (CRUD).

PHP is an open-source programming language. Anybody can download it and use it for free. PHP executed on the server-side. The file extension of a PHP file is (.php).

What kind of things you can do with PHP?

  • Generate dynamic page content
  • Create, Open, Read, Write, Delete, and Close files on the server
  • Collect form data
  • Send and receive cookies
  • Add, Delete, Modify data in your database
  • Used to control user-access
  • Encrypt Data

What kind of website you can make with PHP?

How to get started with PHP in 2020?

Either you can download PHP from its official website https://www.php.net/. But I would highly recommend to download XAMPP which is software packages that includes everything you need. XAMPP stands for X-OS, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl.

What we need in future that is also included in XAMPP –

  • PHP
  • Apache Server
  • MySQL

XAMPP supports cross platform. You can install it Windows, Mac or Linux wherever you need. Here are few steps to follow to get started with php…

Step 1: Download XAMPP from https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html.

Step 2: Install XAMPP. I’m using windows and if you are suing the same just click .exe file and the follow the steps. Usually it installs in C-Drive by default but if you want to change the directory then this is up to you.

Step 3: After Installation, Open XAMPP. To do that, go to windows search bar and you will something like as shown in picture…

Step 4: Once you click on that it will pop up a window as shown below:

Click on start button in front Apache and MySQL which we use later as our database management system. Once you start that then you will see a PID (in number) which is process id and port number for these two Apache and MySQL.

Step 5: Now, go to C-Drive. Their you will see a xampp folder. Go inside that and their you will see a “htdocs” folder. You have create all you files and folder inside this directory.

Step 6: So now I’m going to create a folder inside “htdocs” with a name “learn_php”. After that I’m will create a php file with the name “index.php”.

Note: For learning any programing language we don’t need any fancy stuff. But there are various code editors which help us to organize the code. For all upcoming article, I’m going to use Visual Studio Code which is open source and free to use.

So, let’s open the folder in Visual Studio code,

Here are few things that you should keep in mind.

Firstly, every php file saved with (.php) extension. When you start writing your php code do not forget to use php tag.  Without php tag, the

What is the future of PHP?

75% web is running on PHP. PHP 7 is also introduced so you have a good chance to get a job.

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